Property Taxes - Due Dates/Payment Options/Online Payments

Reconciled tax bills are mailed annually in early July.  New homeowners who did not receive a tax bill at closing should contact the collector’s office to obtain a copy. The tax office should also be advised in writing of any mailing address changes.  

Duplicate Bill Fee - $5.00


**If you do not know the amount due on any given quarter, please call the office to get the correct amount due before making your payment.**


Due Dates:
(grace period is during the first 10 calendar days of a tax period)

  • 1st Quarter: February 1st
  • 2nd Quarter: May 1st
  • 3rd Quarter: August 1st
  • 4th Quarter: November 1st
  • Commercial Sewer Charges are billed annually (usually mid year).

For information on how to read your tax bill, please refer to the back of your bill under Explanation of Tax Bill.


Payment Options

  •          MAIL: Remit check with appropriate stub to mailing address above. If you use online banking, please indicate your BLOCK & LOT in the memo portion and ensure adequate time for delivery as post-mark is not accepted. If you would like a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed & stamped envelope with your payment.
  •          In Person: Bring your check/cash with appropriate stub (and entire bill if you would like a receipt) to Borough Hall.
  •          Lock Box: Drop your payment with appropriate stub into lock box (located in Borough Hall lobby)