Veterans Memorial

Help make this local veterans memorial a reality. Visit Go Fund Me to help make this a vision a reality.


The Mountainside Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) has initiated a project which will create the “Mountainside Veterans Memorial Park at Constitution Plaza.”  The newly designed Veterans Memorial Park will provide for an enlarged assembly area for veteran’s ceremonies, a dignified park to reflect upon Mountainside’s appreciation for our community veterans as well as enhance the focal point of the area in conjunction with the Hetfield and Levi Cory houses. The Mountainside Veterans Memorial Park will reside next to the Levi Cory house with access from the library parking lot providing easier access for our veterans and enhancing the local community.
The Mountainside VFW is initiating a ‘buy a brick’ fundraising program to support the project. This program will provide all Borough residents and businesses with an opportunity to take part in the project with the purchase of a personalized brick to honor a former or current veteran or simply to express personal support for Mountainside’s past and present veterans. Personalized bricks will be set in the assembly area for all to see and enjoy. We need your practical support so please participate in our ‘buy-a-brick’ program!
Bricks can currently be purchased on-line at: Fundraising brochures are scheduled to be mailed to all Mountainside residents and businesses in the first week of March providing an opportunity to also purchase bricks using the mail service.